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The Personal PartyPodcast : Episode #64 Rob Markman

This episode was pretty good, smoke DZA & ShowBrodway sat down with one of Hip-Hop’s most respected journalists Rob Markman to discuss his journey as a writer, and his transition into becoming a music artist him self.

The Personal Party Podcast Episode 064, host Rob Markman speaks about his experiences as a journalist & VP of Content Strategy at Genius. As an up-and-coming hip hop journalist, Rob first reviewed Jadakiss’ album , goes over working on some classic XXL covers
, as well as explains why one rap group disagreed with his article.
Next, Rob explains “media is just an extension of the culture”, the guys ask Rob Markman which interview he enjoys the most? , and why the transition from journalism to Genius. Later, Rob speaks on the impact Genius has had on Hip Hop , remembers his first video interview with Lil B, Show Broadway’s POV, and more!

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