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YAOSONER-WelcomeToMars: Favorite albums of 2021

My Favorite albums of 2021

My favorite albums of 2021 is based off the quality of the music. Beat selection. & rhymes. And replay value. All these albums pulled me back continuously through out the year.

1. Vince Staples: “Vince Staples”

2. WestsideGunn: “Hitler Wears Hermes 8: Sincerely Adolf”

3. Kanye West “Donda”

4. Ransom x Rome Streetz “Coup de Grâce”

5. Boldy James x The Alchemist: “Bo Jackson “

6. Migos: culture 3

7. Evidence: unlearning vol 1.

8. Tyler the creator: Call me if you get lost

9. Mach-Hommy Pray for Haiti

9. Lloyd Banks: The Course of the Inevitable

10. Willie the kid: keep watching the fly

11. Nas: King desieas 2

12. Boldy James x The Alchemist “Techmo Bo”

13. J.Cole: “The -Offseason”

14. Meek Mill “ Expensive Pain”

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