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Idea Generation Ep. 12 : Hit Boy

Hailing from Fontana, CA Chauncy “Hit-Boy” Hollis Jr. got started making beats in his bedroom and posting them on Myspace. Producer Polo Da Don found Hit on the platform and reached out immediately. Within weeks they were working together, and placing tracks with artists like J.Lo and Lil Wayne. Eventually his beat CD would catch the attention of Kanye West and Hit would be pulled into the GOOD Music cipher where he would mint his position with the indelible smash, “N***** In Paris.” In the next years he would go on to make more classics for Ye and Jay, as well as ASAP Rocky, Drake and Beyonce. However, a decision to bounce from Hawaii during the Cruel Summer sessions to work with Beyonce would alienate his mentor, Kanye, and derail his momentum. But Hit-Boy was undaunted and went back to basics, honing his craft and quietly placing tracks until his Travis Scott and Drake collab, “Sicko Mode”, would drop in 2018 and announce his second coming. In the subsequent 3 years he’s won Grammy’s and made unforgettable bodies of work with Nipsey Hustle, Nas and Big Sean.

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