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MixMag Cover Story: Freddie Gibbs is conquering hip hop on his own terms – Features – Mixmag

Seen the article was posted during my Spring Break , I’ve been meaning to get around to spreading the work about the article.

After a carnivorous 16 years sculpting an inning from the depths of rap’s underbelly, Freddie Gibbs, whose grin could light up even the darkest of black holes, is buoyant about his recent ‘Best Rap Album’ GRAMMY loss last month. “I’m coming off of the GRAMMYs week, you know I’m blessed, a lot of things are going well right now,” he says. The extent of Gibbs’ gratitude is felt somehow, beyond our Zoom call, from across the Atlantic.

Even when addressing his victor — rap behemoth Nas — he continues to demonstrate an instant aura of positivity. “If you’re gonna lose to somebody, you’re gonna want to lose to Nas,” he shrugs, evidently motivated by the loss. “Nas is a hall of fame MC. If anything it just shows how great I am to lose to such an MC. I could’ve lost to Macklemore or something.”
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