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The grandparents of Mobile, Alabama rapper HoneyKomb Brazy were killed in a house fire, Fox 10reports.

This is wild my Barber told me about this story toaday.

Tony Lewis and Leila Lewis were killed on Wednesday in their home at Dr. Thomas Avenue in Mobile, Fox 10 reports. Firefighters were first called to the scene after the fire was started, and later in the evening the two victims were found in the wreckage. Witnesses say that they heard gunshots around the time of the fire. 

“All I heard was a boom. It sounded like a bunch of shots,” a witness said in a video obtained by WKRG News 5. “Lord have mercy. Don’t tell me they were up in there because Lord, I heard the children coming across the field crying.” Family members told WKRG that they were shot and killed before the fire, but police have yet to confirm that report. – Via Complex

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