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YAOSONER-WelcomeToMarsLLC.Com List of This Generation most influential Artists

I put this list together based on how much I think these artists have set the bar for the Influence of the new artists of today, As well as the youth consumer of the current Hip-Hop culture.

What’s the timeline for this generation? One might ask? From 2000 to current day…

Couple artists /Groups , I felt like I probably should of added. 50 cent, T.I., Jeezy,Gucci Mane, Young Thug, and Migos. I just didn’t want the list to be too long.

But all those artists impact is phenomenal.

Didn’t wanna include Hov or Nas.

Eminem was debatable for me too, but I still included him.

1.Lil Wayne

2Kanye west



5.Nicki Minaj


7.Kendrick Lamar

8.Travis Scott


10.Kid Cudi

11.Chief Keef

12.Meek Mill

13.Rick Ross

What’s ur Thoughts on this list?!?💭 ….

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